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slave to the sanctuary
My mind is a sanctuary.
It's not the kind of sanctuary you would normally think of. It's not rainbows and butterflies and unicorns, there are no clear skies and green fields. It's more of an ocean made of oil; dark and heavy, pressing down on me. A cold blackness that makes every movement a struggle, every thought difficult. I've got to keep moving, though, I've got to keep thinking - it'll kill me if I don't.
I can feel things around me, in my sanctuary, I can feel them all the time. I'm not sure if they're people, or something else, but they're warm and blend with the darkness. They dance around my body, playing a game of cat and mouse, tag and chase. Sometimes, they touch me, wrapping their long arms around me, filling me with a comforting warmth that reminds me of a home very far away. It makes my eyes droop and my head spin, and all I want in that moment is to fall asleep and just let the shadows rock me to sleep. But it's not time for me to give up yet, I know that, and reluctant
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 7 5
The best games
Are the simple ones.
That's why Mario and Sonic
Are so popular
And why people
Commit suicide.
If destruction
Is beauty,
Then death
Is destruction at its finest.
So this ones for all
The boys who couldn't find a ledge high enough
And all
The girls who couldn't find pills strong enough
Sing it out
Until the bullet hits deep enough.
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 8 3
It's a beautiful thing, really. It's everywhere we go, yet we pay little to no thought to it whatsoever. It's unique to every single one of us, yet we are always comparing ourselves to one another and trying to be like each other. It's so fragile, yet we carelessly toss it around on a daily basis.
Just think about it for a second.
Your life could be taken,
Right here, right now,
Without any warning whatsoever.
You might just blink, a split second thing you do everyday, but your eyes might not open again. You might just walk outside, an early morning yawn just escaping your lips, then suddenly collapse and never get to your feet again.
You could be standing on the edge of a cliff,
Or a building,
Or some high point.
One step, one simple step,
Something you do everyday,
Could be the reason for your life,
Your existence,
Vanishing forever.
Life is a beautiful thing, and like they say, the future is always bright. But where there is light there is darkness, and where there is a future
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 5 2
opposites attract / teenagers
So here's a story about a whiney, over dramatic teenager written by a whiney, over dramatic teenager - me. This story won't have any real structure, simply because I'm way too cool and hip for that. It won't have a happy ending, either, because who these days even likes those? Nah, it'll just be one long block of text, split into paragraphs here and there and practically dripping angst. It will probably reference cutting, or suicide, or drugs, or alcohol, or addiction, or some tragic ailment that appears in more soap operas than it does people. You know why? Because problems are fun. They make life so much more interesting, like a storybook but you're actually living it and you don't have to pretend. Whining is even better, even more fun. Because people pay attention to you when you whine. Of course, it depends on how you go about whining - do you choose to be loud and proud about it, telling everyone that will and sometimes won't listen? Or are you one of the quiet ones that write poe
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 13 21
age / im running out of excuses
I'm running out of excuses
For my laziness.
I can't say it's because I'm uncomfortable
Because I just got a new bed.
I can't say it's because of fear
Because the night monsters stopped years ago.
So I'll just sit there while you yell at me
(I can't tell you it's because I stay up all night either
Because you won't understand that the Internet is a better home
You'll just laugh and say that's my age talking)
For my moodiness.
I can't say it's because of school
Because no one tries to bully me
I can't say it's because I'm hurt
Because I stopped going outside.
I can't say it's because I'm angry
Because what is there to be angry about? We (you) are perfect.
So I'll just sit there and let you scream at me
(I can't tell you that it's because I'm always sad
Because you won't understand that I can't forget what happened
You'll just laugh and say that's my age talking)
For my anti-socialness.
I can't say it's because I'm scared
Because I'm a young woman now, not a child.
I can't say it's becaus
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 11 16
Mindless Originality
Who are you?
Who are you, really?
Are you the boy with the head of fair hair,
Who may not be the tallest,
But he's a good height
With a good enough nature
And he plays football and
He's strong and the girls
Absolutely love him.
When he's not shooting back steroids
And heroin behind the bleachers
Of course.
Who are you, really?
Ae you the girl with the big hair
Back combed and dyed black so it looks like
A permanent black cloud above her head.
It's rather fitting, really
Because everyone's seen her arms
With the cuts and the scars and
She never talks or smiles
And everyone knows she's depressed.
So of course they don't listen when she tells them
That smoking and drinking
Until you can't stand up straight
Is wrong.
Who are you, really?
Are you the boy with the dark
Smoldering eyes
Rimmed with dark eyeliner and
Half covered with hair that everyone says
Is too long and should be cut.
He stands in the corner because
He's attractive enough to sit with the popular
Good and
Normal kids
But he
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 9 10
The Company: #2
She couldn't really remember her first three days at the institute.
It was kind of just a blur, really. She wasn't sure whether that was due to the blow to her head she received as she tried to kick and scratch her way away from the men that dragged her by both arms, or the drugs she presumed they had stuck into her. Probably both.
All she knew was that for at least sixty-something hours, she lay passed out in the corner of her room. Which, by the way, wasn't in the least bit exciting. A bed, some drawers put there in an attempt to make it seem more home-ish, but nothing else. Even the walls, which she presumed used to be white, were a bland, almost stained color.
When she did come to, it took her at least another twenty minutes to drag herself to her feet without falling again. Drugs did that to you – they would knock you out and leave you incapacitated for at least a good amount of time afterward. How else would they manage to continuously keep medicating them so easily?
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 2 2
The Company
The Company
They all had problems.
There was the boy with the drug problem; a physical problem, a rare case in this institute. He was the wildest, too, transitioning from screaming and kicking and crying to curled up in a corner, sullen and completely unaware of the world around him.
He had a brother, too, but he stayed in the shadows. He was the one with the anxiety issues, something that would make him shake and grab at things and do anything to distract himself. He had cuts on his lips from biting down too hard, and nearly identical ones on his hands were he clenched his fists too hard.
There was another boy, the one that was always there but no one really spoke to him. That didn't stop it being common knowledge that he would do anything for a bet; the rush of adrenaline you got, not knowing whether you were right or wrong or right. Too bad he wasn't very good at gambling; he had felt the rushing feeling of depression and dread when you found out you lost one too many
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 3 13
the trans-, the pan- and the asexual.
They said
He couldn't feel like a boy
And a girl
At the same time.
So he grew his hair long
With colorful dreadlocks
And wore eyeliner
But kept his name.
They told her that
She could either love boys
Or girls
Or both.
Not everyone.
So she fell in love
With the boy who
Was born as a girl.
He didn't feel love
For the girl with the large chest.
Or the boy with the sparkling eyes.
But that didn't mean
He didn't love them
In his own way.
If that boy's way of loving is
And the boy with the long hair and eyeliner's way of loving is
And the girl who had a taste for personality, not gender's way of loving is
Then aren't we all just
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 741 473
December 12th, 2021. The day the world ended.
That's what everyone said, at least. In actual fact, it wasn't the world that ended - it was the human race that began to. There were many theories that circulated about what caused it; some thought it was the toxins in our food and air, others thought the world itself had started it, and was turning against us. Everyone had their own opinion. There was one thing everyone agreed on though: the Mayans had been right. They had just mixed up their numbers a little.
At the time, Michael Kelis was just a teenager living in San Francisco. An auburn haired guy with glasses and a totally insane best friend. Skylark was the kind of girl who would trade off a handshake for a quick lick of your thumb, but he loved her anyway. Not in the way everyone thought he did, though - the friendly way. It was during their winter break that it began, and the last thing he could remember doing before he heard about it was asking over the phone whether she w
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 4 2
Can robots be
Can they
Can they
Can I?
If I
tore out my heart
Would the curtain close
as black oil
or red crimson?
I don't feel
the heat.
Unless I'm really
Everything seems
Is that what it's like
for you?
Of course it's not.
Because you're
socially acceptable.
You all are.
I'm just a poor
fucked-up robot.
I wasn't wired
like you.
And everyone else.
So I've been thrown
right in there
with the rest of them.
That's where I belong
With the screw ups
the ones you ignore
very very
I'm too weird
for the weird ones.
Don't even mention
the normal ones.
What else
can you do?
Except do
what you do best.
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 4 0
Sometimes I wonder why I sleep. I'm just going to wake up tired, after all. No matter what my energy levels are, my life is still going to be the same. Listen to music; cry my eyes out. Refrain from eating; drink sodas. Fight with my mom; live a different life in my head. Stay up until the seconds tick past midnight; fear the creatures waiting in the dark corners of my room.
What the hell is wrong with me?
That's another question that repeats inside my head. I never really speak up about what goes through my mind. I've never been a complainer. But when I do, people say I'm just overreacting. Just another typical, moody teenager. Maybe I am. Still, that doesn't give them reason to ignore me, or snap at me, or scold me. Or maybe it does. Maybe, maybe, maybe. I wish that word had never been invented. Then it wouldn't be the one thing my mind answers with when I ask "Will I ever get better?"
I hyper-ventilate a little every time I talk to a stranger, shopkeepers especially. I don't show it
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 1 4
Finn: Chapter Nineteen
Somehow, despite my outburst, the interviews managed to continue. I had to give some credit to Festus; that man knew how to keep a show rolling. I wasn't sure whether it was because of natural charisma or just the oblivious nature of the Capitol. Whatever it was, he managed to finish each of the interviews, speaking to Helena last. I noticed that, tactfully, none of the contestants had given away any major information, nothing that could expose a weakness. Surviving was going to be harder than I though, not that I had ever thought it would be easy. As soon as Festus gave us the cue, we all stood, flashing smiles and waves at the crowd as we walked off. Back behind the curtain, where we had begun. Except when we arrived there, it wasn't empty.
Two men in familiar white outfits stood there, missing their usual weaponry but still fairly intimidating. They were here for me, obviously. I wasn't proven wrong, either - as soon as we were all well and truly behind the curtain, they seized my a
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 0 0
Finn: Chapter Eighteen
The hum of chatter hung in the air as we stood in a line, velvet curtain rolling slightly in front of us. It felt like only a minute ago I had been sneezing glitter as I rejoined the rest of the group, plus Mako, who had the job of showing us to the stage. In reality, it had been fifteen or so minutes ago, but you know what they say: time flies when you're having fun. Or, rather, the opposite. Standing around waiting for the camera crews to set up, the host to get ready; it was so boring. It was better than freezing my ass off in District Twelve, though, so I tried to feel slightly grateful. But as my knees began to creak and my feet began to ache, I found it harder and harder to do so.
"Sorry, sorry!" I heard a familiar voice cry out from behind me. Glancing backward, I saw Phoenix emerged from the shadows, her loose, sequined dress glittering in the light like fish scales. I suppose that made sense, her being from District Four and everything. I could help but notice, with a pang of
:iconhey-there-blue-eyes:hey-there-blue-eyes 0 0
Finn: Chapter Seventeen
Compared to ours back home, the hospital in the training center was great. Clean, spacey and with calm, collected staff. Yet I still found myself hating it as I stood awkwardly in the waiting room, the smell of antiseptic burning in my nostrils.
It had been three days since that son of a bitch had shot Nyxie. Anger management issues, they had blamed it on. Despite that, I couldn't forgive him. In the aftermath, he had shown what looked like genuine concern, introducing himself as Anton and apologizing for his behavior. Lying was easy, though, I knew that from personal experience. From what I knew, he still hadn't done anything to repay Nyxie, who had been holed up in this place since it happened. It hadn't taken them long to remove the bullet from her body - thankfully it had only grazed a rib - and she had been complaining almost since the moment she woke up. They had refused to let her go until now, the evening of the interviews. Even then, they had told her not to strain herself.
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Finn: Chapter Sixteen
"The hall will be divided into six different areas, one for each skill you can train in."
Our footsteps echoed as we followed our guide, Mako, toward the training hall. Since we met up with him after breakfast, he had been talking non-stop. He was part of the judging committee we would perform for at the end of the week, but after he told us that I faded out, retreating into my own thoughts for a while. Only now did my attention turn on him again, my ears once again picking up his voice as he explained the training to us.
"Use of weapons, herbs and survival resources," said the ginger haired man, "Those are the first three. Then, further back, there's camouflage, weapons making and the recognition of flora and fauna. Plants and animals," He added, hearing the murmur of confusion at the final one. A door appeared ahead of us, our pace picking up as each of us in turn spotted it. There had been a feeling of anticipation throughout breakfast, each and every one of us eager to begin. Some
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Twisted Valentines Contest II--Closed!
Results here now:
Aaaaand, there's our deadline!
Though I have to admit, we're not very strict around here. Judging isn't actually starting right this minute so if anyone's just missed it because of timezone issues or whatever, then send it through we'll probably accept.
Anyway, results will be arriving soon, so keep on the lookout!
So, Valentines day has come and gone, and as have the love notes, love letters, and love stories and poems. But after all, there's more to life than love. Like the last one, this contest puts a little twist on things.
Contest launches: Right now
Contest closes: March 31
The Challenge:
Our theme this year mix-genre. Your challenge is to write a piece of prose or poetry that starts out as simple and standard romance ...then turns itself on its head.
:iconteenage-writers:Teenage-Writers 8 20
Happy Valentine's Day! by APersonalCharm Happy Valentine's Day! :iconapersonalcharm:APersonalCharm 3 0 All My Loving Valentine by Dottea All My Loving Valentine :icondottea:Dottea 591 78 Hey Pewdie by K-Koji Hey Pewdie :iconk-koji:K-Koji 6,041 780
Writing Tournament 2013 ~ Round I
Come one and come all, raise your pen take part in this grand literary battle! There are subscriptions, points, and more to be won! You all have until February 19th to enter.
The time is nigh for the Third Annual Writers--club Literature Tournament!
This is a tournament for all writers welcoming prose and poetry! :la: It will be a grand competition spanning three rounds of literary challenge! :typerhappy: First of all, you must be willing to write for each of the rounds over the coming months.
There will be judging at the end of each round and those who progress to the next round will have to write a new piece for the next round's theme. A new participants list with the surviving writers will be released upon the announcement of the new round.
To sign up, join the group as a member and add this blog entry to your favorites. From there, feel free to submit your entry to the Tournament Round 1 Folder.
:spotlight-left: :bulletred: Round I Theme:  Immin
:iconwriters--club:Writers--club 207 277
304501 506327129412472 1162895104 N by GapToothedMadness 304501 506327129412472 1162895104 N :icongaptoothedmadness:GapToothedMadness 11 1
Dear Teen Me
Dear Adolescent Self,
I know, everything sucks and you don't want to hear from some lame-ass old person. Lame-ass old people try to tell you things like this all the time, but they're just stupid old people that can't possibly understand. You don't respect me because I'm not in a band, I don't have black hair, and I don't look awesome. I don't write screamey songs that speak to your weasley black soul, nor am I Tim Burton or Freddie Mercury. I get it, past self. I get it. Frankly, I don't want to hear things from me either most of the time. As lame as I may be, just hear me out for a minute.
There's this thing you should really, really try, and it's called being happy. No, I'm not high. Yes, this is really quite terrible and hokey. Shut up and stop judging me for a minute, I'm trying to help you, you little twonk. Also, start thinking of absurd insults now, it will help you in the long run.
As I was SAYING, you spend far too much time and effort on being miserable. Part of it is the ho
:iconhorace-bulregard:Horace-Bulregard 487 101
With you by RayneColdkiss With you :iconraynecoldkiss:RayneColdkiss 3 0 Can summer be over yet by number11train Can summer be over yet :iconnumber11train:number11train 131 84 Rise of the Ice King by trojan-rabbit Rise of the Ice King :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 2,862 189 Wanna play tag? Face closeup by barn-swallow Wanna play tag? Face closeup :iconbarn-swallow:barn-swallow 7 17 Dreaming Away.... by tomytieneblas74 Dreaming Away.... :icontomytieneblas74:tomytieneblas74 2 2 Life's a little weird... by YouKnowMe-Right Life's a little weird... :iconyouknowme-right:YouKnowMe-Right 0 0 Kurt Hummel- Success is a double-edged sword by mssirpercy Kurt Hummel- Success is a double-edged sword :iconmssirpercy:mssirpercy 126 19
The mind of an Anorexic.
Skinny, skinny, That's all that I see.
Skinny, skinny, It's all that I want to be,
Skinny, skinny, to sacrifice the sweets.
Skinny, skinny, oh it consumes me.
Thinner, thinner, I think I'll skip dinner.
Thinner, thinner, I don't mind if I end up in a coffin.
Thinner, thinner, Skinny is the winner,
Thinner, Thinner, aching too often.
It hurts so much, It hurts too much,
The world is spinning.
My head is aching.
Everyone has given up on me,
Even my doctor!
But who needs love,
I'll be thin once this is over.
:iconusagiisenpaii:Usagiisenpaii 2 4


So I figured I should write another journal entry since the last one was pretty simple.

Hello...again. To all my new watchers that I received mostly because of that DD, but I think I got some more after too.

The only thing you really need to know is that I tend to only post on my deviantart when it's late and I'm tired, so there will most likely always be typos and fucked up thoughts. If you can't put up with that, the door is that-a way.

So, yeah. That's about it. The problem is, now that I have all these new watchers, what do you guys want me to do? I mean, I'll keep writing of course, but do you want me to do something special or something? I don't know how this 'having people that actually want to look at your work' thing works.

Yeah. So, get back to me on that one.

Adios mi amigos
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Heyy! I'm hey-there-blue-eyes. Like it says above, I am an artist, but only in my spare time, between school and family. This account, however, is mainly for my writing, which, like my art, I do in my spare time, although much more frequently. I'm friendly, so don't be afraid to comment on a work or send me a message, I love chatting to people.



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